• What determines health? “

    The project aims to learn how to be healthy in body and soul, to strive to create their own health by applying knowledge and skills in accordance with the law of nature, laws of being, to use this knowledge in everyday life. Objectives: – To systematize their knowledge about healthy lifestyles, to identify factors that adversely affect human health. – To develop creativity, ability to work in a group (team), independent work skills and the ability to organize work of others. – To educate a responsible attitude towards their health and the health of others. Starting work on the project in front of us stood there, perfectly legitimate question, how to really achieve full recovery. Our group has worked with many scientific and educational literature. With the help of the project have greatly expanded understanding of the need of healthy lifestyles, we learned that a healthy body – this is the greatest wealth, but many refer to it disparagingly. The project was very interesting that in the course of its implementation we bought to supplement their knowledge and develop our cognitive skills and creativity. In the process, we have expanded our knowledge of the positive components of health such as nutrition, hygiene, daily routine, hardening, and movement. Once you have mastered all the knowledge gained in the project itself, we decided to keep only healthy way of life, as seen in the fact that leading a healthy lifestyle, we become more energetic, stronger and easier to overcome difficulties and have a good feel. We, the members of the project, we will try to convince the other guys in that they like to learn more about healthy lifestyles and, of course, the knowledge used in practice. The main outcome of the project was as follows: we have to change for the better, vanished many personal problems, gained confidence in himself, opened up and developed new and creative abilities. Also emerged strong interest in their health, accompanied by the desire and the desire to not only learn, but learn.


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