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    - normalizes sleep suite “Peer Gynt” Griga. 120 lactating mothers were listening to music. George Frideric Handel: 1. “Largo” from Concerto in D Major for guitar, string bass and stringed instruments. Frederic Chopin: Nocturnes. Subject influence of music on human health is inexhaustible. – gastritis listen “Sonata № 7? – At a headache – “Polonaise” Oginski, “Hungarian Rhapsody” Leaf. Axt and M. Ariya salt and variations (”Goldberg Variations”), a harpsichord. Kolokolny rapidly kills pathogens of many dangerous diseases. Or maybe you want to sing? Why not try to pull themselves out of a depressive mood, forcing myself to sing? 2. ) Musical compositions, especially suitable for relaxation and sleep: Johann Sebastian Bach: 1. In Japan, conducted an experiment here. Spiritual religious music restores emotional balance and makes the sound bol. 3. ” (From the book by P. Some moms listen to classical music, their milk supply has increased by 20 percent. – Relaxing the action has “Waltz” by Shostakovich from the film “The Gadfly” Romance of the music for the film Sviridov “Snowstorm”. Music even helps settle conflicts. All the slow parts of the Concerti grossi, opus 6, № 1-12. Beethoven. Music can alter blood pressure, heart rate, rhythm and depth of breathing: a harmonious leads to normal, inharmonious destroys. «Largo” from Concerto number 3 in D major (”Music of the fireworks. Once he had with music to calm an angry man who threatened to set fire to the house. All the best, and to meet. Akst-Gaderman “lazy and live long”) and even a few musical recipe: – When nervousness and irritability can help the music of Tchaikovsky, Pahmutova, Tariverdiev. “Largo” from Concerto for Piano and Orchestra № 5 in F minor. At this time their daughter was in the room began to play the piano sonata by Haydn. And then reconciled. Franz Schubert: Symphony number 8 in B minor (”Unfinished”). But the discordant music can even harm your health. Properly chosen harmonious melodies heal, soothe. When it is argued, in a good mood – you want to sing. Everything in our world there is vibration. 2. – With a stomach ulcer – “Waltz of the Flowers” by Tchaikovsky. On the relationship between music and health is well known for a long time. – Fatigue help to overcome the “Morning” by Grieg, song “Evening Bells,” “Seasons” by Tchaikovsky. Sound vibrations, properly fitted, make resonate cells of the human (and other). The heavy rhythm, dissonance, ultra-and infrasound – it all affects the physical health and psyche.

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    And if there is no need to walk a lot, doctors recommend doing it spetsialno. If you can not talk, then the rate is excessive and the rate can be reduced. Total researchers collected data on 39 315 American women who work in health care. Amerikanskaya Heart Association presented the results of studies in which researchers looked at how to reduce the likelihood of hemorrhagic or ischemic stroke walking. And if speed step is not less than 4. Quick step reduces the risk by 68%, duration of not less than two hours a week – 57% (for ischemic stroke reduction by 25% and 21% respectively). Okazalos that if a week to walk at least two hours, then the probability of any species stroke is reduced by 30%. Naibolee effective walking saves from a hemorrhagic stroke. 8 kilometers per hour, ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke and did occur in 37% rezhe. 8 kilometers per hour), busy (up to 6. V overall physical activity reduces stroke risk by 25? Po to experts of the American Heart Association, an adult must be at least 150 minutes a week to experience a moderate load, or at least spend 75 minutes on the energetic benefits rabotu.

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    But without air you will die within a few minutes. When you cleanse your skin, you help your lymph system cleanse itself of toxins that gather in the lymph nodes. But the resourceful mom made me with a syringe. Walking Tai Chi teaches you how to gain energy with each step. Who says life – is a serious thing? It helps to breathe deeply, strengthen the immune system, helps to forget about the pain and reduces blood pressure. Cleanse your skin? Laughter reduces stress hormones and helps to relax the muscles. Breathing – this is life. To cleanse the body need to rest the digestive system. She advised someone to do it – just pour in the nose this solution. It helps to clear nasal passages. Think of purchasing a new mattress. Proper breathing is very important. New soft mattresses (the ones that take the form of the human body, at the expense of memoriksa – a material with “memory effect”, foam rubber) will help you enjoy a night’s sleep in full. According to a recent study of walking is better for your health than jogging. Yes, you can live several days without food and water. But you should consult with your doctor before you begin to adhere to the post. It is responsible for a quarter of daily detoxification. Improve your posture. This is an old technique of nasal lavage (Ayurveda). Try Jala Neti. Water is absorbed through the intestine, thereby increasing blood volume. We all know that plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. As they say, laughter – the best medicine. All the same, but in other words, is it? What if you want to change your everyday life? 11. This shoe was designed specifically to reduce the load while walking on the human skeleton. 3. Try hydrotherapy (hydrotherapy). When the body does not use much energy on digestion, it can be used for recovery or treatment. Here is a list of pretty unusual solutions to improve their health 1. Most of the time we spend walking, not running.


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