• Nov 20

    The main problem of big cities now – municipal landfills as well as materials that create the problem – the plastic and tsellofan. And yet without which you can not do without? Myagkoe gradual entry into the health conscious and give you a real health. Do I have to say about its usefulness? Do you agree? What are we doing wrong? In my environment these people simply do not. And the envy of other women? So with whom should begin to improve the environment? Dumped at least once an old vacuum cleaner? These products are tasty and give pleasure without any additives, sauces and mayonezov. And be sure to encourage yourself – because you’re on your way! Or would you prefer fat and sluggish? ” Look at the menu – for what purpose do you work? It is clear that our actions are absurd? Pochemu many of our dreams come true? If you have any of the above, it means – “You, my friend, something not eaten! Our life – a chain of desires come true, they always bring happiness, and dashed hopes. Prakticheski every person on earth is intended to affect its environment (even if to the contrary) – You’re using bags? Kakovy our chances of success? And the sun does not get to us? ” You may already know what to do with their garbage. You are just awesome Umnichka that want to be healthy in nastoyaschemu. Really? Vegetables, fruits, berries, grains, nuts, spices. They are intended us to eat, they give us energy, health, good mood, ability to think and create. Again and vnov. Pri we’re sitting in a dark room and shuttered all the curtains, and even better – sitting on the subway, waiting poezda. And make a small step – easy for you. Pereydem to specifics – let’s true of the image ZDOROVYA. Because our actions are based on false beliefs, but now information on healthy lifestyles, more than dostatochno. Vse else – it’s not food! What would you change in your lifestyle? Ili we went outside, we meet sun zapade. Because of health, we begin to think, when it waved goodbye to us a hand and does not allow us to live and enjoy. True knowledge about our yellow luminary, lack of false ubezhdeniy. V this case, the truth is that you can see the sunrise in the morning in a cloudless day on the horizon, which hides nothing. You can not walk – start with themselves, with their environment.

  • Nov 8

    NO HARMFUL PRIVYChEKVrednye habits are so named because the harm of varying severity in the first place by the body. Therefore it is better to stay away from chemicals. 4. 6. Active fresh air just needed! Then the body will have time to remove harmful substances, leading to many zabolevaniy. 2. Health Benefits potryasayuschaya. With an active lifestyle is activated not previously used energy as a result of people not only tired, but on the contrary, is restored! How to correctly prioritize routine matters? The ability to pull yourself together, calm in a crisis situation to help prevent more than one zabolevanie. Here, an individual approach. 9. Ability to build RELATIONS LYuDMIKazalos be here with your health? Therefore, rest must be active, to bring maximum enjoyable oschuscheniy. State much uluchshaetsya. It is therefore important to surround yourself with people who are on you favorably, but with “energy vampires”, irritable, fussy and aggressive counterparts to try to reduce communication to a minimum. 5. Getting rid of these dependencies will act as a powerful therapy! And in any case, do not overeat! This allows the body to be prepared in advance to the loads and adverse conditions, as well as the harmonious distribution of energy consumption during the day. Therefore, try to move more: less travel on the transport and use the elevator. Normal walking on the street can be replaced at an accelerated pace, even a slight run. 3. Nadeemsya that our 10 tips to stay healthy will help you.

  • Oct 24

    The fact is that there is no health in man and success. When he feels unwell, then a normal, successful life can not speak. But this is the case with successful people so rarely that most people do not notice it. Success comes to perfectly healthy people. However, any illness can serve as a kind of rest, stop. Course of the disease arise not only because of work, food. Odnoobraznaya, monotonous work, as well as food, inhibits our body and can cause even disease. Pravda I have an expression: if we were completely healthy, then would have died. Kogda a man say that he does not carry only health – a lie, bluff, empty, distortion of facts. Not in vain. Filed under… I do not know what to pay attention better. They may also appear in the bad thoughts that arise in our golove. Poetomu absolutely healthy people do not exist.,, Thinking out loud, Food for Thought, – is perhaps the most podhodyaschie. Just our diseases are the result of our thoughts and actions and that they only make us think of life, help you with every mission in the physical mire. So do not be afraid of diseases, but also try their izbegat.

  • Sep 29

    Smeh slow down the flow of energy. This is the most dangerous emotion for our health. The fact is that when we are afraid there is a strong rush of adrenalin in the blood, numb feet, and the energy is lowered. When your arms and legs begin to trot – a sign of loss of energy in the body. And we begin with the height of their life experience to teach the child to cope with their emotions and not to cry, and so there are clips in the body and triggered by a violation of the Tree, and it is the gall bladder and enjoy your life and pechen. Fire – it is joy and laughter. The element of water – it is fear, fear. Poetomu actively show their emotions to your health! If you have the element of Metal is unfavorable, in the Year of the Monkey or Rooster you ever fall in dreary state. And the very good recipe – chat with your friends, throw a party at home. Small children are not embarrassed laugh and shed tears in a mouthful – and crying and laughter heal them. Kazhdy day we are experiencing different emotions. Pechal destroy energy in our body, with there is a dry mouth. The element of Metal – it’s a feeling of sadness and longing. We are pleased that, then laugh, and then get angry, sad, annoyed or afraid.

  • Aug 25

    On the proposal together for lunch, did not answer very friendly refusal. A body of people of the Mongoloid race, whole milk does not accept. Blindly follow popular diets can sometimes lead to a deterioration of your health, immunity, mental sostoyaniya. Just why they were strong, agile, hardy and long way to go without water and can cause pischi. Nazovite at least one popular diet that takes into account all the above. But it has secured a regular severe stress, which in our life and well above the roof. It turns out that our ancestors thousands of years hurt your body. At the same time the body can not cheat, he would still take its toll. K example, most Europeans are free to drink whole milk and it will be good for them. Nashe food has a huge impact on our health. It is formed by many pokoleniyami. And after using the diet, after a while, everything will return to these actions svoya. Kak do we consider in the future. We must remember that you are individual, unique and unrepeatable. It turns out the reason is very simple, it just “sat on a diet.

  • Aug 11

    George Ohsawa, the world-famous macrobiotic teacher (art long and happy life), proposes to assess the state of his health, guided by the seven criteria, each of which he was awarded a certain number of points. 1. If you do not take up the resolution of more and more difficulties you porazheny. Most of the people themselves make their existence unbearable, poisoning the lives of fears, anxieties, worries, anger, lust, envy, zloboy. 5. 6. A person with good health, that is the one who has no fear, no diseases, joyful and brings joy in all circumstances. People are quick and precise action, as well as those who are willing to answer the call or a call to be in good forme.? But as a result of changing attitudes toward life, one becomes wiser. These criteria deserve mentioning. This requires serious work on themselves. ” And if the body is disobedient, if anything, he depresses a person or something afraid, if there is no thrill of joy of life, then it is bolezn. That is why is there so much unhappiness. But ten thousand people or even one million accounts for only one person who understands that justice is. According to the World Health Organization, conceptualizes health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease. GOOD MOOD (10 points) Let go of anger! 3.

  • Jul 24

    I want to express my deep gratitude to the developers and all people who carry out such a wonderful product. Long did not bother. ” I feel good. Context: Chronic lack of sleep, fatigue, drowsiness, fatigue. After training the muscles no longer “whine”! This product has breathed life into our family! Thanks to everyone who created these wonderful products. ” My wife Lyudmila, doctors diagnosed hypertension II-III degree. Decided to try the \ “Siberian Health \” on him (I only learned about it). I and my entire family: a husband, two daughters, two son-in and three grandchildren – taking the product “Siberian health. Production is already taking 4 months, the results are really – in the face! and syrup “Vitamama. 3m. Really love the whole series of “Limfosan,” “Rhythm of Health”, “The Roots of purity. Thank you very much. I am happy to buy the drugs you have to maintain a healthy all my family. Felt a huge surge of strength, energy and mood. I take this product since 2000. After cleansing, “Origins of purity”, started taking L-carnitine, Vitahrom, EPAM-Revival 4, drank herbal teas and all my goals began to be realized! A year ago, my father (born in 1922), a hale and hearty, feeling weak, there was a decadent mood, began to disturb joints, walked with difficulty. Hello! In the spring he almost dug a garden and planted potatoes, walking long distances and does not remember about the joints. I have 7 years was kept between 38 and ESR 60 mm / d and only in August 2007 dropped to 28. Immediately after surgery I started taking “Novomin. Three times a year my wife continues to pursue a policy of prevention of these drugs. “I use the product” Siberian Health “in September 2006, the standard program, and was a health program and for their grandchildren. ” The result is excellent! I am a woman old, by Russian standards, so my friend listened to my recommendations creams “Hronolong. Since 2005, I always use the products of the Corporation “Siberian health. Thank you for what you give to people’s health. I asked the consultant to “Siberian health”, which appointed a course of treatment for 3 months. Fat deposits around the waist decreases rapidly, and new ones have not typed as fast as before with no change in diet. Became even sleep for a brief sleep. ” And my sister just crazy about your cosmetic line! At the moment I’m not just “forgot” the word puncture, I did get cold longer. In the autumn of 2007. Restoration of blood to me is much faster and I get regular chemotherapy with good analysis, chemotherapy is much easier to bear. Situatsiya: Hormonal imbalance at the age of 26 years, diagnosis of infertility third degree final, unconditional failure (by the verdict of the doctors) having a second child, overweight (95-98 kg with height 171 cm, clothing size 54 -56). A cold in the draft, there was a nagging pain in the groin. Family Vasilchenko, Severodonetsk, Ukraine Hi! And only thanks to our Badam I now live, enjoy life, I am happy grandchildren, and children. Were born during my work in the Corporation “Siberian health. I’m very grateful for the Siberian Health Corporation’s products. Very grateful to the Corporation ‘Siberian health! Irritability, nervousness, fatigue, tiredness, poor sleep, decreased mental and physical performance. Checked! When my second was born the grandson, he was diagnosed with neoplasm in the head. ” Our whole family uses these products and get great results. On the fourth day of taking the pain vanished. Anastasia P. Buttocks, hips, become more resilient and feel the whole body muscle tone! Evdokimov, Birobidzhan Three years later I met with the products and cutting Limfosan Cardiology and EPAM 44. Pressure returned to normal. First, slowly began to take “Limfosan”, “PIC”, “Vitel”. A series of “reform” in general, I love it! ” After training I was often disturbed by muscle pain, probably due to accumulation of lactic acid, waist circumference was reduced with difficulty, while in the buttocks and leg muscles were increased slowly. My father is very seriously ill, and taking NOVOMIN, Amaranth Oil, VITASELEN we are fighting a very bad disease (oncology). Used very often suffered from sinusitis, and as winter began, I did puncture. ” This was made possible thanks to our wonderful Badam. Then connected the EPAM. Situation: Allergy to propolis, skin problems, chronic edema. Gorgeous cosmetics, which use not only me but my daughter and granddaughter. A successful outcome was obvious from the use of floraseptika “The Wizard”. 9m.

  • Jul 20

    Novice dancers must be serious about the workout is always done before class teachers. Yoga is best solves the problem of restoring the health of the spine and, in general, helps educate the will and control of mental equilibrium. With the help of dance can convey any mood, any feeling, emotion, passion, and recreate any scene. The teacher will hold a training session in safe mode and offer optimal load. Very rarely dancers are clumsy and unwieldy. At the core workout focuses on a combination of stretching movements with proper breathing. Bodily movements of the person seen as a reflection of his inner mental life and relationship with the world. And, of course, do not forget about good posture and gait of a beautiful, which is secured to any dancer. Jazz not only improves the stretch the legs, but all classes tela. Here the emphasis is on how a person feels his body and movement, rather than on how well he knows the dance technique and how it looks during tantsa. Dance movement therapy (DMT) – is a method of psychotherapy in which the body is a tool and move the process, helping clients to experience, recognize and express their feelings and conflicts. Opytnye subjected to heavy loads, so it is advisable to enter a training program yoga classes, choreography and jazz. At this point, Ballroom Dancing enjoyed a great reputation around the world. Dancing – is the embodiment of the audible visible.

  • May 25

    Our health – both self-concept – it should be and everything and we’ll talk about it eto. ” People respond in different ways, as a rule, this is – money, children, politics, family and relationship. After the course of your thoughts affect your health and mood. It’s great that people get used to the unpleasant events is much weaker. Our medicine they are well studied. And for someone – kindness and communication. But if you tune into success, and success will come to you. Est like – would be two main lines: the first – is restoration of health through medication and the second – this is to preserve and increase the natural defenses. When you feel good and calm, we can not enjoy life, but also to change it for the better. But we are not an encyclopedia! Has created encyclopedia, counted them several thousand titles. So people and think. The time interval between disease? It seems that everyone is clear: health – the opposite of the disease. Think always positively. But the optimum life – is to live long and with a high level of mental comfort. But this is health – there. And even more so when boleyutdeti, then all ills crumb want to take and take from nego. A wrong way of thinking often leads us to stress and nervous breakdowns. But each of us knows how badly hurt. In itself it does not make you happy. Once we have enough strength and energy. But when it does not, when they come of the disease, then immediately all the rest become unimportant. That’s what gives us the present health. It’s like happiness, when it is, it does not notice. And now let’s look at what gives us the confidence and the health of appeal – it’s a good mood. Even a proverb is “The main thing – it’s great! The importance of health for each mine. And only then – health. Happiness – different for each person depending on his needs and desires. And it’s wonderful that we are all created so that, consciously or unconsciously, we are looking for happiness. Few health – illness. ”. ”. When you’re upset, angry or annoyed, it takes a lot of mental energy that could be useful for other more important things.

  • Feb 21

    It’s great that people get used to the unpleasant events is much weaker. For one, happiness – it’s power, or is this thing, and this information is to be spendthrift. Once we have enough strength and energy. The time interval between disease? After the course of your thoughts affect your health and mood. It is very difficult to define this concept as a critical health. That’s what gives us the present health. But each of us knows how badly hurt. And then when not sick or sostarishsya. It seems that everyone is clear: health – the opposite of the disease. A what it is – your health? Has created encyclopedia, counted them several thousand titles. Everyone feels there is no sickness, feeling good, I can work. Many health, less likely to develop disease. When you’re upset, angry or annoyed, it takes a lot of mental energy that could be useful for other more important things. Our comfort is made up of pleasant and unpleasant feelings – both biological and social. By little trouble you can get used, and a large – you can not. A healthy person is unhappy, but he can not be happy never nice to be healthy, but if it constantly, we cease to notice it, and it does not give a sense of happiness. ” People respond in different ways, as a rule, this is – money, children, politics, family and relationship. Few health – illness. To maintain the level of emotional comfort. And now let’s look at what gives us the confidence and the health of appeal – it’s a good mood. Our medicine they are well studied. And even more so when boleyutdeti, then all ills crumb want to take and take from nego. A wrong way of thinking often leads us to stress and nervous breakdowns. If you are accustomed to notice the failure, the more you pay attention to them, the more they will persecute you. But we are not an encyclopedia! Our health – both self-concept – it should be and everything and we’ll talk about it eto. Even a proverb is “The main thing – it’s great! If there is no sickness, so healthy. A habit. No need to measure it. Take care of the state of peace of mind – is not only pleasant but also useful. Condition of the body when there is illness? To do this you need to create diversity. So people and think.

  • Feb 17

    Avicenna more than a thousand years ago distinguished between six levels of health and illness: “Sometimes a healthy body to the limit, the body is healthy, but not to the extreme, the body is not healthy, but not sore, then the body is in good condition, quickly perceiving health, then – body sore slight ailment, then-body, sick to the utmost. 89507777332). Bredikhina Nina partner newcomer cautiously shared their results: 3 months of the program nutrition weight 9kg left, she leans over and can easily do yourself a pedicure, and most importantly, the security guard did not recognize her at work. (AN Gobzhelyanov “Secrets of health and longevity. Occupation is: Rosalie LeytaZdorove is not everything, but we are without health nothing. However, the so-called healthy, are a heterogeneous group of people. Today’s result from Voronezh. There are other results on the question of which refer directly to me. Today will be the topic of conversation – the female theme! ”) Hello dear friends! I know from experience working in a traditional medical practice, that women need more advice, so as soon as they can to help my other half and her children received the results of the recovery by example. Symptoms of this condition: fatigue, decreased performance, discomfort in the heart, increased neuro-emotional excitability, rapid heartbeat, unstable blood pressure, etc. If adverse symptoms persist after a rest or change the operating mode, then it would be prudent on your part to take decision on health promotion through appropriate approaches for you. Suffered violations of menopause (abnormal symptoms) and ultrasonography showed an increase in the uterus 7-8 weeks.