• Dec 9

    But it is important to consider not only their own views, but also to investigate the sequence in which they are expressed. “Common is a condition in which all actions are typical of the man sent in a natural way. In addition, you can always add a sign, which had never noticed before. Definitions of health and illness are borrowed mainly from the encyclopedic dictionaries. ” Further searches for the essence of health go in another direction. Health management has been prepared by all previous studies of this condition. These publications are generalizing, and stable. Researchers are trying to distinguish the condition of the body on the degree of ordering of its systems and functions. Doctors say – take care of health. Kazhdy cellulite treatment at home will use more and more popular in our country. The study of the dialectics of concepts shows how to become progressively more precise and deep knowledge of the body and its states. In joy and sorrow, on weekdays and holidays mention health. Priobresti 24 Karat is not so slozhno. The disease, however, there is an unnatural state in which all these actions sent it difficult to read. Naturalness and unnaturalness of health disease. Competing points of view.

  • Nov 6

    And also of the harmful and useless components that make up cosmetics in the global market. According to WHO, there are about 70% are diagnosed correctly. The author of this system – it has developed an herbalist for 30 years. 27 in Russian. In this book, THE TRUTH about the nails, hair, teeth, hormones and cause cellulite. What doctor would tell you? Intervyu with scientists and academics, professors, Russia (16 p. ) Recorded lectures of 12 constants zdorovya. And Lat. The peripheral nervous system. As well as other tests directly to 4 reasons. Only someone who does not lie. This means that the technology exists! There is a reason for optimism! And Lat., in Russian and Latin. You will be able to, having studied it, the focus in cosmetics. There 4osnovnyh reasons. Sign up by calling on individual consultation on your personal problems to a specialist in the restoration of health. Deficiency of calcium leads to the cause of the disease 147. There are specialists who deal with life in general. If doctors knew how to live longer, they’d have it done. Because I do not znayut. 31, in Russian and Latin. Upon learning this secret, you will not believe how easy it is and wonder as to why they do not teach us that parents and teachers, not doctors warn. There is an opportunity to attend a lecture on the concept of health., in Russian. Present Flyers this and you will receive a gift. You’ll learn what to do to live a long and in health. ) You can learn about the 5 mistakes in treating colds, and how they izbezhat., in Russian. (Book of 34 pages, in Russian. An opportunity to acquire material for the conservation of health. This is due to the fact that we do not know the cause of a disease. Ya asked. Reproductive system. Amazing book-guide, which will orient you to the assessment of food in terms of preservation and maintenance of health, tells parents what to feed children, to develop a harmonious and well-studied, will reveal the secrets where and why and what is absorbed, where 85% of the piling up of poisons in our bodies and how to get rid of them, explain in simple terms how to become more healthy, improve their samochuvstvuie and show you that everyone can be themselves unique and wise doctor (47 p. And so on from generation to generation for many years, until today. Want to know what is and what it depends on your health? What is the cause? Using these four rules are already thousands of people in the world and Latvia have received their results zdorovyu. And Lat. V book you can read about it (44 pages, in Russian. And if a person loses the sense of smell, he did not have enough zinc. The result is we are not happy, people get sick and die prematurely. However, doctors are engaged only in disease, dental teeth, attorney papers, manicurist, nails, hair, hairdresser. And Lat. For them, invented even more drugs. The lymphatic system. V you’ll know why, why, and how to clean your body safely and painlessly. Interesno Do you know what are the reasons and rules?

  • Sep 10

    Vasha daily bombarded by excessive external stimuli – noise, dazzling lights and especially commercial advertising. You will notice that your mind all the time talking. 9. Obuchites soul and nervous system tela. By identifying your own, you risk only what will become healthier, wiser, more humane, discover a new side of life unknown. Spending time alone, doing deep breathing and calming thoughts everyday, you can greatly improve your health, find happiness and peace of mind. Ezhednevno review your goals and mechty. Nablyudayte and Show chuvstva. Pochasche odinochestve. Naslazhdaytes peace in their own company. Inside yourself you have a great capacity for reflection and creation of dreams. Each of us has the freedom to accept and embrace everything that he chooses a thought. In addition to this experience the feeling of achieving what you find time to be zhelali. Kazhdy day spend some time in meditation. Razrabatyvayte a comprehensive program to strengthen his body, which would include exercises for strength and aerobics. Silence nourishes your soul and heal serdtse. Allow him to be calm and sincere. Be especially attentive to neproyavlyaemym senses, especially the negative. Stress in combination with long-term simultaneous manifestations of anger and depression can weaken the body very much. 7. Vashi thoughts determine your experience. Make this program a priority in your life and always stick to it.

  • Jul 6

    Marilyn Monroe’s career – a wonderful thing, but she did not warm up a cold night. It literally everything – from the green needles to pieces of bark – has a healing power. Kedr! Once upon a time, traditional medicine was the only affordable for most people. In the middle of the XIX century. As a result of stress and fatigue become our constant companions. Vozmem Honey! They aim to protect the body from stress and having a restorative effect. Now we look at the gifts of nature that have been tested at least vremenem. A as in ancient times were legends of grapes, which was a symbol of power? Congratulating our relatives, friends and acquaintances with some triumph, we first of all I wish health. It is hard to find someone who does not know about the healing properties of honey – that “the natural healer. Med soothes and refreshes quickly, reduces inflammation and improves metabolism, hydrates and tones kozhu. Pine sap – is the most powerful natural antioxidant. The unique combination of fatty acids and vitamins makes cedar oil indispensable medical – preventive produktom. ” People call it the “golden healer. As they say in a cartoon, to save the day, it is necessary to save the moment. Now apply the extract of grape kostochki.

  • Jun 19

    Podderzhivayte old acquaintances! Even if we do not have a family, we can feel happy, having a close and trusted friends. – Friends bring joy, assist and facilitate the way of life. Therefore, the quality of life during illness will be worse than the outgoing individual: no one will bring him to the hospital transfer, will not care for it, or somehow support moralno. VnimanieChem a person familiar, the less likely that his problems will go unnoticed. After all, it would seem, between the presence of friends and life there is no connection? Stress it will experience in itself, while his brother will turn the sociable soul in front of two or three close friends, and he will legche. Esli hard to find friends, find yourself some hobbies – and you probably will like-minded people with whom you able to maintain otnosheniya. Sredi your colleagues should be at least one to whom you can contact in case of unforeseen problems or obstoyatelstv. Acquainted with the person, write his phone number, email address – sooner or later a situation may arise when you need it. InformatsiyaChem wider social circle, the faster you reach to the right information. It would be good for someone of his neighbors were the keys to your apartment – no one knows in advance that can sluchitsya. It will not be, for example, work to find the coordinates of a good doctor or clinic to get advice from traditional medicine or nutrition… Is enough to open your phone book and ring up znakomyh. “Having a large number of loyal friends testifies to social activism and intense emotional life of man, – said the study’s leader, Professor Bert Done. Druzhite with your neighbors! Эмоциональное udovletvorenieObschenie – is an outlet that is needed for many of us.

  • May 19

    Davayte look that draws attention neonatologists when viewed novorozhdennyh. Odna of significant estimates neonatologist provides innate reflexes of newborns. After all, this guarantee of health newborn rebenka. However, some newborn babies can focus briefly glance. ) Parents must be very attentive to the newborn child and in any case not to self-medicate. Estimated muscle tone, which should not be excessive, not weakened. Ne should rejoice too soon, if your child is in two weeks, holding the head. Assessed the state of a tummy – if it inflated – this indicates an increased gazoobrazovanii. It produces a newborn examination from head to feet. Health novorozhdennogo. Further defined and evaluated the structure of the skeleton. The majority of babies in the early days of his life “scattering”. The form of the same ears and their location will show whether the child donoshen or born prematurely. V first attention should be paid to the shape of the head, the position of the skull bones and joints, the size and shape of the fontanelles. Further examined the genitals of the child. For example, if the skin contains empyesis, without your attention here will not do, because it affects the skin in dalneyshem. Neonatologist also examines the location of the eyes, mouth, nose and notes form an eye. Keep your baby’s health, because it is the pledge of his health in adult life.

  • May 19

    The only way to get rid of fear – this is to identify it! No matter what kind of fear was, – it is not bad and not good – it is. Oschuschayte your own and dispose of nego. Spending time alone, doing deep breathing and calming thoughts everyday, you can greatly improve your health, find happiness and peace of mind. There is nothing better for the health, energy and rejuvenation than the regular program of strengthening the body. Do not be afraid to admit himself into it. Allow him to be calm and sincere. Kazhdy day spend some time in meditation. It is established that the whole vegetable diet is best for health. 8. Silence nourishes your soul and heal serdtse. Vasha daily bombarded by excessive external stimuli – noise, dazzling lights and especially commercial advertising. 5. Regulyarno practice some form of meditatsii. Uspokaivaytes. Potreblyayte closest to the one created by nature. Listen to your intuition. You will notice that your mind all the time talking. 7. Sledite for their myslyami. By identifying your own, you risk only what will become healthier, wiser, more humane, discover a new side of life unknown. Razrabatyvayte a comprehensive program to strengthen his body, which would include exercises for strength and aerobics. Breathe deeply, smell the flowers, talk to the animals and encourage people to smile. Meditation creates a tranquil, dynamic um. Podderzhivayte physical strength and your body healthy zhizni. 9. Inside yourself you have a great capacity for reflection and creation of dreams. But just think about what you want, could be part of your zhizni.

  • May 19

    Otdyhat aktivno. Necessary preventive measures. And in beauty salons had such a service – peeling fish. Pobolshe communicate with children and visit the open zhivotnymi. Tak and about the purification of air, vody. Zanimatsya favorite delom. Although you can train other muscles. How do you get the name suggests, will talk about energy. And if you try these suggestions, then energy will be all right, and you can realize your wildest dreams. Fatigue, illness, take energy. Vovremya work better otdyhat. Est “idiots” who believe that it is absolutely healthy. Staraytes not quarrel and make trouble, especially in trifles, it is very devastating energy. For example, using dogs and cats can be cured depression, dogs can help with skin diseases (more precisely, their saliva). Staratsya all to do with pleasure. For example, you go to the dentist, when it can not stand the pain, or check every six months my health? Ask what is the relationship between health and energy? Sport and breathing techniques to increase the number of our energii. Bring energy and viewing interesting movie (if it is the meaning and look at the cinema once a month rather than every day on TV), theaters and exhibitions. So how can a doctor treat a patient, if he does not want to be healthy?

  • Apr 7

    Naprimer, the benefits of a regular bowel movement has long been known. Cured of disease is much more expensive than their preduprezhdat. In the early 80s HHv. Kak showed the world experience, the most rational and economical solution to the problem is the use of biologically active additives (BAA) to pische. BADy in particular, and a healthy lifestyle in general – is the real prevention, which CAN. In fact, all the demands of the modern society can be met! Here and tell them about BADy. Kachestvennoe food – is it possible? This is a way of life, optimism and positive thinking. Subject to the single condition: TIME nachat. And now for success in life is largely affected by our image of healthy and beautiful cheloveka. Find answers to your questions in the NSP! Wellness – English literally,” good health “. Whoopi Goldberg rightly notes that “the great happiness – it ezheutrennyaya defecation. Timely initiation of prevention – it is a vital factor in the formation zdorovya. BADy are prophylactic to strengthen, sustain and maintain health. “Get well” in Chinese does not mean “to swallow handfuls of pills pharmacies. Mnogie people believe that if they are not in the hospital or did not take off due to illness, then they have everything in order. Ne better to stop in time, to listen to ourselves, to give some attention to their own person? ” The Chinese traditional medicine is meant for anything, not drugs: the correct way of thinking, breathing exercises, exercises, massages, use of herbs and minerals, natural produkty. Who do you want to see tomorrow, after 20 years, 50, 100? It is a system recovery – mild and comfortable physical activity, nutrition, holistic skin care, good otdyh. No man would not dream of it. Of course, it’s easier, for example, take and drown headache analgesics, without delving into its causes.! The Chinese have a wonderful saying: get well while healthy. Traditsionno Chinese treatment is this: the tendency to identify violations in the body – and this tendency strongly to destroy. With this recipe a person goes to a pharmacy. Beauty and youth – this is achievable?

  • Jan 20

    The fact that all the cells in our body are constantly updated. Half of Russia’s population drinks substandard and thus poisoned water. Good day, dear readers. The most acute problem not only for Russia but for all developed countries – a deficiency in the diet of so-called micronutrients. Industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust, which are more harmful factors than the emissions of industrial enterprises. And few know that these measures are very few to be zdorovym. So many vitamins and minerals as needed for our body, we almost can not consume. We sometimes recalls late, when the problem goes too far. The first factor is the stress: stress at work, outdoors, at home. First of all vitamins and minerals, the most important regulators of all functions of our body. After watching the news on television, can we avoid stress in our lives? While they are the catalysts of biochemical reactions in the body. ” Do you want to be healthy and stay healthy for many, many years? Try to give the car a mere 30% of gasoline or oil, how far it is going away? This data report from the state Department of Environmental sredy. Unfortunately, NO!