• Nov 26

    Garlic helps to prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease, reduces the risk of stroke. Studies suggest that they prevent blood clots, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. The taste of fresh herbs is stronger, but for the sake of convenience, you can keep in the kitchen range trav. It is also a source of selenium prevents cancer, and vitamin B, increase energy levels and reinforce mozga. Bananas are also a source of fiber, preventing cardiovascular disease, they neutralize the acid, so useful in the treatment izzhogi. 9. Issledovaniya show that salmon makes depression and prevent memory loss. Blueberries contain antioxidants that help prevent cataracts, glaucoma, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers, heart disease and helps to reduce rak. 5. It also has anti-inflammatory effect. 4. ShpinatV this product more nutrients than any other. 7. Skimmed cow’s milk is very healthy. TravyS age have dulled sense of taste, and the easiest to add salt to the food looked delicious. When people get older they need less food but more nutrients to stay healthy. MolokoS we age, our need for calcium increases, therefore it is important to include in the daily diet of calcium-rich foods. Peyte daily two glasses of skim milk or include in your diet low-fat yogurt and calcium-rich frukty. It also helps reduce blood pressure. Dobavte sliced? BananyVsego a yellow fruit contains 467 mg of potassium, which is needed so that the muscles (especially cardiac) remained strong and healthy. In addition, the chicken is rich in protein and prevents bone loss.? Proper nutrition can help a person stay young and the elderly. Do not forget about whole grain foods: brown rice, bread and cereals, which contain many volokna. Ten of the most useful products for those who want to properly pitatsya. Sources of potassium are also lentils, sardines and kuraga. Garlic bulbs that little has great advantages. It is rich in calcium, essential for strong bones and prevent osteoporoza. Like eggs, it is rich in lutein, useful for the eyes, so that eating eggs for breakfast with shpinatom. Banana in oatmeal, or spread it in a blender with yogurt or milk and a little fruit juice. KuryatinaEto most healthy meat. But salt increases blood pressure, and better food to add herbs and spices. Postavte himself the task is fresh or canned salmon at least three times a week. But they are very important for maintaining energy levels.

  • Nov 20

    The belief that everything will be fine. There are others – “pundits” who are convinced that they know about their illness than the doctor. If you train the muscles – they are more elastic, will be less likely to tuck a leg or sprain. For example, using dogs and cats can be cured depression, dogs can help with skin diseases (more precisely, their saliva). Norbekov, people are divided into several tipov. Otdyhat aktivno. Health sorted out. Pochasche vozduhe. Pobolshe communicate with children and visit the open zhivotnymi. For example, you go to the dentist, when it can not stand the pain, or check every six months my health? These people recover very quickly because we are confident that they are good. Chitat and watch only the positive and interesting, and then in small kolichestvah. Special fish clean the skin of old cells. Staratsya all to do with pleasure. These people believe that they do not cure anybody ever. In fact, healthy person is more energetic than the patient. And in beauty salons had such a service – peeling fish. They are constantly asks the doctor, give him advice constantly talk about their illness and always complaining and all. Vovremya work better otdyhat. Tak and about the purification of air, vody. Zanimatsya favorite delom.

  • Nov 10

    Tomatoes are also very useful to enhance the activity of sex glands and produce testosterone. They must add the lemon juice, celery, parsley, which have a stimulating effect. Scientists have found the answer to this question. 100 grams of this fish contains a daily dose of fatty acids and protein, so necessary to maintain the body of this man. Contained in cabbage vitamin K improves the clotting krovi. And in Russia, Siberia, and to that end successfully used kernels of cedar nuts. So, to maintain men’s health, the daily ration must include the following four components: Oatmeal – is one of the best sources of protein and essential aminokislot. In the southern nations to increase potency for a long time used figs. Chernika – contains lots of fiber and at the same time low in sugar and calories. Sardiny – this is the best value and nutritional value, plus they are sold on every corner. The effectiveness of each is different, but based on these diets is set mandatory for men products. Temperamental Italians knowingly consider the basis for many dishes such mixture: tomatoes, garlic, olive maslo. In addition to fiber, it is rich in many vitamins. S age, starting from 30 years in the male testosterone begins to decline. Men’s Health – WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT IT Men’s Health life of modern man takes place in a tight rhythm, the struggle for survival, the desire to provide for his family, to reach new career heights. Testosterone – here is the hormone that makes a man a man. They contain lots of vitamin E stimulates the production of testosterone and sperm maturation.

  • Oct 24

    Will give you the hope of a return to normal healthy life. Eto not dietary supplements, not chemicals. It’s a shame that I have learned about them so late. And, besides, heals and rejuvenates kozha. The body is cleared of nicotine and the effects of passive smoking, in addition, tea helps to refrain from kureniya… These are products that contain natural ingredients and selected so as to provide the greatest benefit. We, as I said, treating illnesses medicinal plants. But I recently learned about a truly unique products that do not treat the disease and restore health by eliminating the causes of many diseases. I, of course, took advantage of this information – that is, I got myself there and then one of them – Holy tea. It tastes of Chinese green tea. It is worth to start drinking wonderful tea Holy tea, especially since it is very tasty. We learn how to use them for the benefit of his health, folk medicine treatment without resorting to chemical drugs and poisoning our bodies. And I hope that will live long and udovolstviem. You can just add it to tea or other napitki. People get rid of allergies Iceni fever of the body are derived residues of chemical medicines and heavy of metals. One package is enough for one month for one cheloveka. Hello, friends! In this wonderful tea are medicinal plants, which are prevalent everywhere, milk thistle (or Marin thistle, thistle milk, holy thistle, etc. Udalyayutsya toxins from the intestines, internal organs and the entire digestive system, as well as intestinal parasites, cleaned and maintained in a clean colon, kidney, liver and lungs. As a result, significantly reduces the risk of gastro-intestinal tract, significantly lowers cholesterol and regulates blood pressure. Agree, it is quite another. But today I want to tell you about what is possible. Pantry truly unlimited nature.

  • Oct 20

    You’re still imagine what it is? A woman with back straight, head held high, slender and flexible, energetic, and sex Nye life – is not admirable men? How often do you walk, the park at least? NATURALNYE PRODUCTS. Pri we’re sitting in a dark room and shuttered all the curtains, and even better – sitting on the subway, waiting poezda. What would you change in your lifestyle? And the envy of other women? Kakovy our chances of success? You are just awesome Umnichka that want to be healthy in nastoyaschemu. And yet without which you can not do without? We all want something. You will want to return it. What gives us the opportunity to achieve this goal? Or would you prefer fat and sluggish? And the situation is grim – young girls 20-25 years old (my friends) already have several chronic diseases, and sometimes suffered several operations on female bodies, colds have become the norm, and the stomach act up every vtoroy. True knowledge about our yellow luminary, lack of false ubezhdeniy. You can not walk – start with themselves, with their environment. Pure water springs, cool forest lake available to you? A meanwhile, look carefully at your life – how much you personally produce garbage? Vegetables, fruits, berries, grains, nuts, spices. Our life – a chain of desires come true, they always bring happiness, and dashed hopes. Do not expect fast results and do not scold yourself for rejection of their way of health – is an occasion once again to make sure that you go on the right path. Na this background, I look very healthy though my life, my education, too spoiled state of my body – curvature of the spine, which makes periodic headaches problematic teeth, hair and skin. ” Look at the menu – for what purpose do you work? Daleko not go to – everyone wants to be healthy. Ili our eyes closed, still tied and black povyazkoy. In my environment these people simply do not. Pereydem to specifics – let’s true of the image ZDOROVYA. These products are tasty and give pleasure without any additives, sauces and mayonezov. Pochemu in life, people often act as if living in Wonderland? Vse else – it’s not food! PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. Dumped at least once an old vacuum cleaner? Ili we went outside, we meet sun zapade. The aroma of the forest after the rain, the smell of mushrooms or rotten leaves and flowering trees – how often do you inhale it?

  • Aug 11

    • Learn about the three factors affect your health and that you can take in this case and how the deficit of essential trace elements. • The processes in the cells of our body. • Will we be a lot of food? • Vitamins disabilities. Literate logically verified information. Minerals in the water and their bodies. • Do we need chemically synthesized vitamins? • How much food containing micronutrients daily rate? • Hear what the leading doctors, academics and professors about dietary supplements – draw conclusions. And that it then was. See a short video for the movie What is it about the film? The film “HEALTH – wise fee” – a healthy lifestyle! Why modern people suffer more than any other animal! • Statistics. This you will learn in the film ‘Health – wise fee. • Modern gipodinamika rights and caloric intake. • Logically and intelligently chosen information will not leave any doubt. Therefore, fewer people think that they personally will not affect this situation, because today they still feel horosho. • Statistics. • Why live in the mountains, 120 – 140 years? • What is the Supplements and how they affect our bodies. Dazhe if you are aware of only 10% of what you see in this film, you will save yourself and your family a lot of trouble, save a lot of money and will last much years of my life! What are dietary supplements and how they affect the health of our body. • Discover also how to influence us today about drugs and their side effects. Nam need reliable information and professional opinion!

  • Mar 23

    Istoriya create these vitamins, which I want to tell began in the twenties of last century was such a scientist Karl Reynborg, which is 30 – of the last century became interested in food supplements in the form of various plants to supplement the daily ratsiona. Since there are now tools that help you keep yourself in norme. He was in practice to check the different diets, as Prison food is not conducive to the preservation zdorovya. A synthetic vitamins, the proposed pharmacy, have separate, obtained by chemical elementy. V mid 20s of last century, he, among many other foreigners in jail. Lichno Vitamins Nutrilite Amway company. I wanted to communicate with their readers from the pages of bloga. Pri this company sells Amway Nutrilite vitamins in accordance with Russian law only in shopping centers and kiosks to sell Nutrilite vitamins, ie adapted for implementation in vitamins pomescheniyah. It’s a shame that your holiday fell. S. V company currently offers Amway vitamins NUTRILITE brand to its partners to prevent them zdorovya. But today, no matter how much was still weak from illness, was drawn to the computer. Hochu share their secrets for a long time not to hurt or, if we got sick, the disease is very helpful to me legche. Charles and those who followed his example, could not only survive, but to return to the United States Rodinu. 12 Reynborg years spent in China. Pri natural vitamins are needed for the organism in a complex matter, as it is created by nature itself. The world’s most popular brand vitaminov. Particles of some Reynborg added to the prison guards pischu. Est who drink early in the month of January. To do so would have to eat a lot of garlic. V pharmacies, such as ascorbic acid, or for example, B vitamins are sold separately, not together. Imya Charles Reynborga golden letters inscribed in the history of MLM. A how you treat your precious health? Eto was a little more-and single-level marketing, but the beginning of the development of new industry was polozheno. Sama blame much froze the other day. Built on the basis of its agents, Reynborg proposed to test your friends, giving away free products, the results were not – no one was trying received food dobavki. And I have long been accustomed themselves to monitor their health. Nutrilite – the world’s only brand of vitamin and mineral complexes from plants that grow is collected and processed on its own environmentally friendly organic fermah. Brendu Nutrilite more than 70 years. Companies. It was they who helped this time around rather quickly (on the second day) to his feet, but I got sick this time heavy with the temperature. This is a very tasty chewable tablets with orange drink vkusom.

  • Feb 26

    Under mild physical activity is understood as mental work and a passive lifestyle. But many also know that weight should be optimal for their health. 6 kg. And do not give up at once – this tedious task, literally, for the first week. Itak, we calculate your ideal weight. Having tried many different ways to physical activity (running, dancing, gymnastics, fitness) with certainty state that the most comfortable and very effective, familiar to us from childhood means a rope. We strongly recommend that you weigh daily. The first thing you will need to do – is to decide on how much you want to weigh. Esli failure still occurs, do not scold yourself. This figure and should be reduced. Most women tend to remove the stomach and narrow waist. It summarizes the most valuable advice that will help you lose weight easily and “quality”, in fact, most women will confirm, as we are tired of the endless circulation of the sites in search of needed information. Razumno: 40% due to reduction of food, 60% due to physical exertion. It costs energy to metabolism will be 65 * 20 = 1300 calories. Know someone who wants to lose weight, looking for ways, and one who does not want – opravdaniya. For body weight loss intense – always a shock. Logical? Itak, give yourself a day, from which you will lose weight. Each kilogram of fat 7000 calories. And then all you need to succeed! If you plan to eat something nutritious, it’s better if you do it before dinner. It is important to note that for people under age 30, it would be better if the weight is less than 2-3 pounds from those predicted. But if you still can not wait to lose weight quickly, despite my entreaties and arguments nutritionists, you can own it for themselves to determine on the basis of the above. For example, if you eat something salty, guarantee – the next day, your weight will increase only as much water you drink – the salt will keep her in your body longer than usual. And some classic recommendations. If you can not, but would like very much so – you can just a little! Otherwise (I will not talk about the harm to health – is all aware of this, and yet few people stop it), your weight dropped back to you at double the rate immediately after the diet. This formula is used still by our grandmothers, and all we heard about it yet in biology class. Eat everything, but do not go beyond that. What if this is not possible? In moderate work on and work at home, and child care, and campaign work. I will consider the example of 500 grams per week. You can jump in any time convenient for you. At first your weight may ride, stand still and even grow! Drink plenty of fluids. To this day arrange a “revision” in the fridge, so there was as little as possible “temptation. You have defined for themselves the amount of calories that you will use daily. Hard physical activity is exercise, gardening, horticulture, for men it work longshoremen, construction workers, miners, etc. Enough to make 300 jumps a day, gradually bringing to 700. Believe in what you all must get done and it will be easy! And to take away from your standard daily diet. This should be no mechanical masazherom. Organizm normally set up to lose weight evenly, but there are times when cleaned in the most unexpected and not always desirable locations. Better anti-cellulite cream – so you kill two hares. Ideal weight = 345 grams, multiplied by each centimeter of height (for women and for men – 445). And after it, shocked by the body, as one of the best self-regulating systems, will be reserved in order to continue to not be in the same situation.

  • Feb 26

    And there is also less digestible. Herbal complexes contain many useful components, like vitamins, minerals and fiber. 2: headache, tension in the joints and muscles. If you would like to ask a question, you can always do it by writing me a letter by e-mail or leave your question directly to the blog. Dorogie readers, take care of yourself and their health. Bioenergetika. Food is almost depleted of useful substances. In our regions, the ratio is 1:28 to 1:60. 3 slagging degree: the degree of manifestation of allergic reaktsiy. Takim choosing the product itself for recovery once we saturate the body with the substances and in the quantities needed by the body, and side effects from the products of chemical synthesis is completely reduced to nulyu. “The sad spirit – dries up the bones. The lifetime of (our age). 5 month-respiratory system: from Brest. 7 degree of slagging: irreversible disease-rak. 5: deformation of the connective-tissue rheumatism and the degree of slagging poliartrit. It’s safe to point out that if we lived 100 This is all understandable. Minimalnoe water consumption 2 liters per day for an adult. Shema: 1 month, black walnut, gift berdok (if you have gallstones, then replace lecithin), kaskara (neychelaks). 5. Yes, it’s all possible. Food 3. A man must make a decision to be healthy, attitudes and positive thinking helps to overcome the disease. It speaks about the use of refined foods, the decomposition products which give a reaction organizma. I’ll go to the pharmacy, buy a vitamin-mineral complex and quickly restore the “. But there are priorities in life, and these priorities are in Europe and in other countries, an assessment factor of prosperity of man? We can eat apples, oranges, greens, but the body will still be present deficiency of vitamin C. That’s actually the answers to these questions will be posted here. And the land is now deprived of micronutrients that could give the vegetables and fruits, which they in turn gave them to people. Omega-3 is only in the fat of fish. 1: External health, felt general fatigue. 4 slagging: disease of stagnation: fibroids, fibroids, prostate adenoma, cellulitis, the deposition of the degree of slagging zhira. So as long as the food comes to us, she is forced to overcome long distances, and this requires additional storage. Cell requires the following building elements: • the essential amino acids; • Vitamins-12; • Minerals-15; • polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega 6. Vy probably thinking, “Huh, I also challenge! But what happens now? Maybe reading this article you will think: “Why on the blog, which focuses on the secrets of succeeding an article about your health? Because taking care of business begins with caring about the sebe. In our company there are some foods that will help you to restore the imbalance of nutrients in organizme. 6. The longer the time manifestations of the disease, the higher dosage and longer treatment lechenie. Milk Thistle, Liv Guard (this product is under clinical trials in 50 times more active than Essentiale and gepabene). It’s the gift that keeps each of us first of all for themselves. But now pristupim. 2-month cleaning the liver. And we have not yet touched upon the subject of food dyes, preservatives and genetically modified produktov. ” Hippocrates said: Let food be our medicine and our medicine be our edoy. ABVGPP (aggression bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and parasites). Therefore, they are treated with special substances that prolong the shelf life, but at the same time take away everything useful. So my dear readers, unfortunately, is not the solution gives problemy. Systemic clearance of the organism to do at least 2 times a year. Juraj, chlorophyll, E-chay.

  • Jan 4

    It is recommended to all those who lead an active life – Food FORCE BIO. But not always successful. The main functions of nutritional supplements – cleanse, protect and nourish organizm. Russian scientists are constantly introducing the latest scientific advances in technology zhizn. After eating a delicious syrup on a daily basis, you are simultaneously engaged in the prevention of various diseases, including atherosclerosis, scattered, stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Izvestno that a person should receive food vitamins, minerals and nutrients. They increase in size and in the way, so that normal blood flow, which can lead to stroke or heart attack. In addition, currently preparing to release a new development – a drug AKTOSIL. Where to look for health? Perhaps the reason for this is the wrong food. Doctors note bleak picture today atherosclerosis has become manifest at a younger age than ever before. That is why dietary supplements may be considered biologically active additives in organic food empty. Sosudy of little stretched us throughout the body, and therefore their “pollution” can cause a variety of complications. Wellness and rejuvenation through mezokokteyley real pleasure. They help maintain the activity and vitality, despite years and allow to look younger than their years. As a result, blood vessels are formed plaques and thrombi. They are designed both to prevent deterioration and to address the serious problems with your eyesight. It is clear that the disease is much more difficult to remove than to prevent its occurrence in advance. The adjective “national” indicates that a Russian company.