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    Jun 1

    Sorry for the sharpness of the address of official medicine. Everyone wants to save him, but sorry, that few things are doing to preserve health. It’s not bad. Man weaned rid of the usual diseases by natural means. The sooner society will hear the truth, the more quickly and seriously think about a person’s own health. But admit it’s still coming. But life calls for a return to natural methods of treatment, because other are not very effective. Ultimately the choice will follow you. But before we continue the conversation, let me thank you for agreeing to listen to me. It is more realistic, because each focuses on care of themselves, their own health, rather than dependency in the state of medicine. Medicine, as none of the other social areas in urgent need of radical reform. Authority falls noble profession a physician, a belief in him, especially in oncology. Even in a developed economy, high level of organization of health care and public health focused training must first be a personal matter, and then to the public. Armed with chemical drugs, modern medicine has declared itself a monopoly in respect of the patient. The authority of medicine is in direct proportion to the actual state of health in society. What unites and divides the official and alternative medicine? In many countries the population is increasing mortality. It has long been believed that health – is the physical condition of a person living on natural laws. By worldly and just close to the truth. She unceremoniously rejected the natural cures. It is unrealistic, utopian, and even, I’m sorry, blasphemous, if obviously not feasible. Felt by those who heal and those who are treated. There is an urgent need to honestly explain to society the situation in medicine, and temporarily remove the slogan about the bankrupt state is concerned about the health of citizens. Consequently, the concept of “health” should be closer to someone who is sick, but not the one who heals.

    |Health and Nature

    Belki creator, and the foundation of a breeding ground of living matter. In nature, there are countless different varieties belkov. That ground is covered with spring greens, bathed in sunlight. In this way the plants are fat, but with the addition of the soaked earth oxide, sulfur and phosphorus – are also proteins. These compounds decompose in the body in the metabolism and release the energy that is converted into heat or other energy required for our life processes. A what’s going on in our kitchens, bakeries, our mills, processing plants? They contain a large amount of energy the highest quality and are provided with all the additional element-E, necessary for the assimilation and use of this energy. Raw plant foods he considers valuable battery of solar energy that animates both flora and fauna. Vitamins are produced in plants is also under the influence of the sun, mainly vitamin C. Itak, vegetation absorbs solar energy and concentrate it in complex chemical compounds that make up the food animal and human health as interconnected and nature. This is photosynthesis. This is due to greed growth. Feel the joy of nature, we see how all life is strained and stretched toward the sun. Polysaccharides, starch is a reserve material fauna. Kak see nature – a beautiful mistress of her kitchen and dishes out, complete in all respects. Uglevody and fats – are energy and reserve materials. “The sun is shining in our tissues,” – said the famous Swiss dietician Birher-Benner.

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