• NLP and Health

    Jul 8

    What is your mission in life? Values??? There are many dimensions. PovedenieChto you do? They have a tremendous impact on our health. Behavioral therapy is often ineffective because they do not take into account the level of beliefs and values. And a man with such a conviction would be in vain to work, creating for themselves a healthy environment. What are the benefits it has brought you??? Values? This repetitive sequences of action and habits. “Neurological levels are not so much a hierarchy as closed cycles or a hologram. Your health – this is your way of life in general, and it is influenced by many factors: individual, psychological, social, physical, especially pitaniya. ” Surroundings “Many of my friends also smoke. What was the situation? Eto leads us to the third level to what is called in NLP skills. This concept was developed by Robert Diltsom. And, thinking about this time, answer the following voprosy. Above identichnostiPodumayte about how you relate to all other living beings and all that in your opinion, is above you (for some people it is a religion or spiritual sphere). You can affect your health, not only by changes in their environment, but also working with their beliefs. Beliefs – these are the principles that govern our actions. Several studies have found an association of such radiation with an increased risk of cancer in children. ” Capacity “I Suction smoke into the lungs of 13 years. To the kind of work you were able? At what time of day you feel really healthy? Vtoroy level – behavior that is what we do.? ” Behaviour “I smoked 20 cigarettes a day. Pervy level – this environment, the things and people that surround you. Can not be the rationale behind (although they need not be irrational. “Identity” I – a healthy person. Here are some examples: Identity “I – a heavy smoker. Snachala remember a time when you felt really healthy. To get something important for themselves and avoid what is harmful. Habitual behavior does not stop an effort of will, more often we can change it by defining the purpose behind the habit, and choosing a healthier way to achieve it. How do you think then? What time of year was it? beliefs and convictions were tsennostiKakie you about your health? In behavioral therapy, there is evidence that such states of mind such as depression and pessimism, are associated with certain health problems. The placebo effect has shown that we can cure ourselves if we believe in the efficacy of drugs (in this case does not matter, whether the drug has some physiological effect or not). What could prevent you from being healthy? Identity – this is your perception of yourself, core beliefs and values? How is your health helps you to realize this mission? Another example – this diet. I Finally, the sixth level – a level of spirituality, your connection with other people and that is higher than your personality, how would you about this for a dumali. We have a strategy to sustain the stress forming relationships, anger, choosing when and what to eat, and to determine at what time and how much exercise we do. Often attempt to change behavior is largely based on the strength of will, and in this case, it is very easy to go back to the status kvo. Particularly important is the social environment. Some factors beyond our influence to a large extent, others – only partially, while others do not offer poddayutsya. Strategy – a sequence of mental operations that are used by us constantly, and therefore lead to a habitual action. OkruzhenieGde you been? On the other hand, “I – healthy people” is a statement which could have an enormous impact on zdorove.

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