• Map of Health (SEM-card)

    Sep 15

    Osnovnoe The card is aimed at health Winalite absorption of electromagnetic waves, the neutralization of the harmful effects and prevention of environmental pollution. Rezultaty of health cards WinaliteV the development and introduction of health cards Winalite, a series of different tests, in addition, the cards were additional studies. Can not see them because they are colorless and have no smell. In addition, the tests which held a special commission to study the bioelectric flow in Keith The elements of the chip can redirect electromagnetic radiation, convert it into thermal energy, to create a screen to reconfigure the electromagnetic field. In keeping with its motif (”Technology, They build love”), the company “Winalite” has developed advanced technology to enable safe use of electrical appliances and do not worry about your health card zdorove. Osobennosti use of health cards WinaliteChtoby protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation TV, mobile phone, computer and other equipment located in close proximity to human health card must be placed in a breast pocket or on grudi. Also, its use helps to strengthen the work of all cells, to give the desired tone, enhance immune system function organizma. Such use will significantly reduce the impact of electromagnetic radiation when moving around the city.

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