• Sep 8

    If you perform the energy practice in poor physical health status will only huzhe. The moment came when I was three hours in the day could not take action. Take care of your body, love it and it repay you with interest, the energy potential, which will produce in good physical zdorove. Naposledok want to tell you that I am not a supporter of traditional medicine. After some time I have put soostvetsvuyuschy diagnosis in these pages, I do not want to call ego. I do not support this egregore, I accept myself “living food” (ie without heat treatment). Naturally, I began to use different energy technology, for a while I felt better, but then again there comes exhaustion. Takzhe I would like to say about the techniques designed to heal and so on. Ne experimenting with their health, take care of your body, no wonder these are the words of sages.

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