• Nutripro – an absolute health!

    Aug 31

    Dlya effective weight loss all meals can be replaced with a cocktail Nutripro. The product also contains all necessary for good health food vitamins and mineraly. 5 to 2 liters a day. Complete replacement of food for more than three weeks is recommended under medical supervision. For millennia, soy protein was regarded as an excellent food source. Take one sachet approximately every 3 hours, up to five packs a day. Good nutrition in the composition is derived from Nutripro soy protein. The diet should be 1500-1800 kcal den. At the end of the course back to step 2. Due to its beneficial health properties, it is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. We recommend the use of fruits and vegetables to maintain a diet of 800 – 1200 kcal / day. Provides your body with all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals to improve health and reduce samochuvstviya. Necessary to use enough water or other low-calorie liquids in addition to Nutripro – from 1.

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