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    Feb 4

    This temperament, strong counter-or long-acting stimuli. “Creative” the study authors say the work of a high status to certain management functions, requiring analysis of large amounts of information and receiving extraordinary solutions. Creative work improves zdorove. Such work, however, exhausts them, and should be avoided. Prekrasnoe job for the people of this temperament – greenhouses where the air is warm and full of excitement and vlagoy. In China, there is no official data, but the number of victims of similar increases at the same speed that the Middle Kingdom and the economy. Melanholikov attracts interesting, unpredictable, intense, varied and creative work that requires sudden bursts of energy, work suggesting a trip in which they can interact with different people, ideas, moods and impressions. Factors such as lack of routine, enjoyment of work, ability to learn and solve complex problems that contribute to making people feel more healthy. They are strong not only in literature and art. Melanholiki not well suited for self-management work. For example, according to their data, for the same work week working without the formation of almost 50% more likely to be diagnosed as “hypertension” than skilled employees. The new results showed that compared with those who work less than 40 hours per week, the risk of high blood pressure make the employees who work 41 to 50 hours, increased by 14%. Melanholikov, but then them badly can control their emotions and behavior. 5 thousand Americans in a few years. The effect of the creative work of the study’s authors appreciate very highly., an 8-hour work day, two days off and guaranteed long vacation in the past., where the organization Take Back Your Time October 24 celebrates the end of the working year average European and American calls on employers and workers to pay attention to the fact that Americans work more hours. Such a conclusion was made by scientists who wrote a report on this subject. The work should match your temperamentu. According to research, the daily life of the unemployed gives less room for creativity than the life of working people of similar sex, age and educational level. This conclusion was drawn from the study of life 2. They may be scientists, sages, good teachers, healers or doctors. Success or failure in the choice of profession affects your independence and confidence. For example, in 2003 the average worker in the United States worked 2, 000 hours per year. They are more suitable work fine, though laborious, but it does not require initiatives for solving practical problems with many neizvestnymi. Still processing the “white collar” luckier than hunky factories. They need to allocate enough rest and sleep for ten minutes in the afternoon. Statistics show that the average duration of working time in the Russian Federation from 1992 to 2000 increased from 153 to 171 hours, the Russians have a year with about 2, 000 hours. In developed countries, only the residents of Thailand, Hong Kong and South Korea are working more. If such activities are also paid, the health is improved even more. ” Incidentally, this is a holiday in the U. In most cases, people can not count on compensation from the employer, and the emergence of health problems. Find a job, rather exciting, to maintain interest, and at the same time fairly routine, so do not show such a person out of balance, it is difficult.

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