• Philosophy of Health!

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    Apr 12

    It was originally founded in her program of growth, development, longevity and powerful mechanisms for self-preservation. An ancient Chinese proverb says: “Doing your health should not three days before his death, and three years before the onset of the disease. We all want to be healthy, but often do not do anything for this. All living things on earth breathe, eat, reproduce and regenerate. ” Let’s look at health not in terms of clinics or pharmacies, but in terms of biological laws. On the other hand, the 21st century called the century of chronic diseases. According to the Russian Ministry of Health surveyed 54% of preschool children are already suffering from chronic diseases. Doctors can now be cured if not, then let them stretch the patient lives, but for how long. The contribution formula for health medicine really is not very significant, but in a “formula of the disease,” when health was over, the role of medicine is enormous. The company “Coral Club International” selected the highest quality and unique products that provide fully biological body’s need for good nutrition and creating a healthy internal environment.

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