• Full health of the unborn child

    Apr 12

    ” All that’s required – it’s nutritious, fresh food: more fresh fruits and vegetables, reduce the consumption of sweet, salty, and refuse to canned food! Fat: vegetable oil and butter. The most powerful, universal mechanism of antioxidant action has – Fitoformula anti-oxidant colloid. Such a structure adapted fitoformuly Fimeyl Active Complex helps to optimize all parts of female genitalia. As effective prod-ucts are colloidal fitoformuly of ED Medicine (UK), representing a second-generation in the form of colloidal solutions. Fruits and berries are recommended: cherries, cherry, raspberry, currant, chokeberry, gooseberry, peaches, apricots, apples, plums, pears, dried fruits – sweet dishes and sweets from them. The duration of the first phase – 6-8 weeks. Ritm nutrition during pregnancy it should be a fraction: The first half of pregnancy – 4-5 times per day, 2-3 hours before bedtime is not! Anti-oxidant to prevent colloidal and eliminates the negative effects of stress on a woman’s body. You can: bread made from rye and wheat flour, bread and bran. And there must be the correct choice of adequate, safe and effective with a wide range of preventive effects. In pregnancy, more than ever important that the menu was varied and women balanced. Shows a green salad raw. Preparation for conception and pregnancy Biological food supplements – the most important part-lyayuschaya full health. If this does not necessarily constitute or complicated diet, “eating for two. Osnovnye nutrition during pregnancy and after delivery: Maintenance of conditions favorable clinical course and outcome of pregnancy. Not recommended: canned foods, sausages, strong coffee or tea, cocoa, chocolate, bakery, confectionery. Prophylactic administration of combinations of the fitoformul when planning pregnancy prevents the appearance of many of the symptoms of diseases that accompany pregnancy. Under current conditions of special interest for conservation and prevention of health of future mothers are colloidal fitoformuly Fimeyl Active Complex, anti-oxidants and Imyun Sapport. And, above all, because we have virtually no concept of “family planning”. Recommended: courses and side dishes of pasta and cereals. Application fitoformuly Fimeyl Active Complex in women can solve the main task – to ensure a comfortable state of a woman at any age, but when planning a child – to carry out the support of the reproductive system. The only source of nutrition for the unborn child – is his mom. Ensuring the normal development of the fetus and newborn. Of the vitamins in the Active Complex Fimeyl is a powerful natural antioxidant – ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). Recommended drinks: weak tea, weak coffee with milk, fruit and vegetable juices, broth hips. With pregnant women varies depending on health status, body weight, height, type of work, energy, climate, season and time beremennosti. Lactation – 5-6 times a day for 30-40 minutes before feeding rebenka. Not good: Strong fish and meat broth and gravy, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, marinades, pickles, spicy dishes and condiments. This combination of General Prevention Colloidal fitoformuly – a necessary product for the harmonization of the health of women of plant-vitamin colloidal fitoformula Fimeyl Active Complex specialists ED medicine offers a new and effective product for the harmonization of women’s health. In the first stage in the morning and at lunch – need prinimatfitoformulu Fimeyl Active Complex: 1-2 teaspoon in the evening – to use a dessert spoon fitoformuly anti-oxidants.

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