• What and how to affect the health of adolescents?

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    Mar 15

    X had some interest, useful for teenagers will visit clubs. In general, adolescents need to find some occupation that interested him, entice and reveal all its talanty. Relationships with the opposite sex, and intimate relationships have a huge impact on adolescent health. The best way – it’s easy communication. The teenager must feel that his opinions and his thoughts are treated with respect, only then he will have enough self-esteem, with which it can reach its front tseley. V primarily affects adolescent health to nutrition. Esche factor affecting the health of a teenager is watching movies, broadcasts, video games, hobby, music. Most often, teenagers are observed violations of weight, lack of calcium or a vitamin (which leads to dry skin, brittle nails and hair loss), eating disorders, acne and skin rashes and many other diseases. In most cases, bad habits get those teenagers who engaged in no leisure time. Getting in an unfavorable environment or a company in which each participant smokes, drinks or takes drugs, teen does not want to be a “black sheep” and tries harmful to his body substance. Ochen important to know that the impact on adolescent health in this difficult for him period. Hotelos would give further consideration to how and what affects the health of adolescents, as psychological and physical. And you in turn will send a young person in the right direction, give advice, tell a story of life, or just talk heart to heart. Then, it tightens and becomes a habit that leads the sad consequences. It is also necessary to trace a teenager is keen on music, if there are any obscene or offensive words.

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